Atomic and Nuclear Astrophysics

Atomic astrophysics is related to execution atomic physics calculations which will be used by astronomers and also uses atomic data to interpret astronomical observations. Atomic physics plays a crucial role in astrophysics and nuclear astrophysics is the research of the nuclear reactions that fuel the Sun and other stars across the Universe and also create the variety of atomic nuclei and  Understanding the underlying astrophysical processes gives us clues about origin of the Earth and its composition; the evolution of life; the evolution of stars, galaxies and the Universe itself; the origin of the elements and their abundances; By detecting and analyzing emissions from stars, the dusty remnants from exploded stars and from compact ‘dead’ stars; By carrying out theoretical calculations on nuclear behavior and its interplay with the stellar environment and also by designing laboratory experiments that explore stellar nuclear reactions in the Big Bang, in stars and in supernova explosions.

  • Nucleosynthesis in galaxies
  • WIMP dark matter searches
  • Supernovae and neutron stars
  • Cosmology
  • Active galactic nuclei
  • Galactic chemical evolution

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