Atomic Physics

Atomic Physics is the study of atoms and the arrangement of electrons.  It mostly considers atom an isolated system that consists of atomic nucleus encircled by electrons and the arrangement is concerned with processes such as excitation by photons and ionization or collisions with atomic particles. It has led to important applications in medicine, lasers, communications, etc. and also providing a testing ground for Quantum Theory, Quantum Electrodynamics and its derivatives.

  • The structure of atoms
  • The Rutherford model of atom
  • The quantum mechanical model of the atom
  • Spin- orbit interactions
  • Emission and absorption spectra
  • Applications of atomic excitations and de-excitations
  • Bohr’s theory of the hydrogen atom
  • The Pauli Exclusion Principle
  • Spectrum of atomic hydrogen
  • Zeeman effect
  • The physics of wave functions
  • X rays: atomic origins and applications
  • Thompson’s model of atom
  • Photoelectric effect

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